After two successful years, RUFIT has established itself as Virginia Beach’s premier fitness festival.
An incomparable event in the Mid-Atlantic and on the East Coast, RUFIT provides countless opportunities for creating a better, healthier you! The choice is yours and the time is now. Compete, attend or simply enjoy the celebration and education. Catering to diverse categories of age, capability and strength, RUFIT Fitness Festival draws athletes, fitness enthusiasts and spectators from around the globe. This event is sure to motivate. The 24th Street Park at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront provides the perfect landscape for individuals of all ages to celebrate strength, health and life.

September 15

Kids WOD Comp ~4-9PM (Beach Arena @24th St)

September 16

Boardwalk 5k Start 8AM (24th St Boardwalk)
WOD Comp ~9AM -5PM (Beach Arena @24th St)
Weightlifting  ~9AM-4PM (24th St Park)

September 17

WOD Comp ~9AM-5PM (Beach Arena @24th St)
Powerlifting ~9AM-4Pm (24th St Park)

Our WOD Competition celebrates the strong and determined functional fitness enthusiasts in Virginia Beach and around the country. Heavily rooted in our local military community, our WOD competition personifies some of our nation’s finest and fittest and has expanded to include people from all backgrounds who seek the highest level of strength and wellness.

RUFIT provides a platform to honor the sport of Olympic Weightlifting and expose it to people who would otherwise never get to witness it in action. We are including both a sanctioned and a non-sanctioned USAW Meet as part of this year’s line-up.

The roots of powerlifting are in traditions of strength training stretching back as far as Greek and Roman times. We are truly inspired by the strong men & strong women of the Powerlifting world and our Powerlifiting Competition is sure to inspire everyone!

Virginia Beach is one of America’s fittest cities driven in part by a strong population of people that love to run. The RUFIT Boardwalk 5K welcomes seasoned runners as well as those just beginning to enjoy the sport.

We feel strongly that young people should be exposed to a healthy lifestyle of fitness and nutrition early on. The RUFIT Kids Competition gives kids ages 8 through 17 the chance to experience a fitness competition in a supportive and fun setting.


If you are interested in volunteering or judging at RUFIT 2017, please follow the links below.

Attendee Passes

2017 attendee passes can be purchased at the “door” for $10 per day or $15 for the weekend.
Kids 15 and Under may ATTEND for free if they are NOT competing.

What Inspires Us

We are only as good as those we are surrounded by.  At the core of RUFIT’s mission is to contribute not only to Life, but to Community.  Therefore RUFIT is proud to partner with, support and contribute to The 31Heroes Project a national nonprofit that provides support to our nation’s heroes and their families through athletic events and social fundraising campaigns.

The Origin of RUFIT…

Founded by Ellen Sanders Pelstring and Danijel Velicki, RUFIT is a platform that promotes strong, healthy, living through activity, education and community.  Both successful business owners, athletes, parents and entrepreneurs, Pelstring and Velicki decided to create a company and brand that is the perfect combination of competition, education, vendor participation and entertainment for the entire family.